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Melee Clothing

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I can't say for previous tours as I don't frequent the merch table toooo often (I stopped buying band tshirts because I ended up never wearing them, and I almost always have the CD before I see a band live) but I can tell you that it was not part of their mini 5 date headlining tour they just had. They did have this awesome "Little Miss ________" shirt though! I forgot what the blank was filled in with because I'm retarded, but it was pretty cute haha.
Was that the "Teenage Maniac" shirt you're talking about? Because I remember like, drooling over it to Michelle, who was working the merch table. God that shirt was cute. Too bad I need all my money to get home. :-/
haha it probably was.. i have a terrible memory


January 30 2008, 06:17:57 UTC 10 years ago

This is a piece of merchandise from a few years ago. But yes, it is theirs and they did sell them at one point in time.