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Melee in Detroit

Ahhhh it was SUCH an awesome show! Even better than last time in Ann Arbor!

I danced like a teenage maniac.

During one of the songs, I was singing along with the lyrics as they are on the CD, and Chris sang it differently and he heard me, so I pointed at him and he pointed back and laughed! That like made my night. If only he were single.... and living in Michigan. *sigh*

Then afterwards, we got to chat with Chris and Ryan. Ryan's such a down-to-earth guy. We were talking to him for at least 15 minutes with all kinds of things, like how they were almost late because of construction traffic in Chicago AND how they got to hang out with Chris Daughtry and Muse--can you say MAJOR JEALOUSY?!

And when I told Chris that my friend Jenny is a maniac, he was like "Oh yeah, we wrote the song about you!" Then he signed her ticket with "You're THE maniac!--Love Chris."

It was a really fun night. I love these guys.

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And now it's time to cleanse my body of sweat.
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they are so incredibly adorable in every way. cuuuuute stories.
Aren't they? Thanks!
aww glad you had a good time! i love how each member takes the time to talk to their fans to.
I know, isn't that great?
Quick question: do they play right before BFS? Just wondering.

I'm seeing them Friday&Saturday, & I'm pretty exciiiited. :)
Yup, right before BFS. You'll have a blast!! Have you seen them live yet?
Yep, 3 times on the Amber Pacific tour, & I'm seeing them 3 times next month in Ohio :)
Wow, nice! Yeah, they ARE addicting.
aww! sounds like fun! i don't think i'm making it to this tour.. i'm so bummed, especially 'cause Quietdrive is the other opener. 2 of my fave bands in one night!
Yeah Quietdrive was awesome, I picked up their CD. I thought the singer looked like Dana Carvey lmao.
haha! he kinda does! glad you liked them! did you talk to them after their set/the show? the shorter guitarist/background vocals is so nice and the most approachable i think haha
Actually no I didn't. I didn't see them after Melee played, but I didn't want to lose my spot in the crowd before Melee played.
yay! I'm glad you had a great time, hahaha. I remember going to the Melee concert a couple months back, greatest experience of my life, haha :) They are so awesome to talk to and super nice, it's amazing. I wish the BFS tour wasn't only American, because I miss them loads and want them to come back to Toronto!
Oh yeah that is a bummer! I do love Toronto, though.