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Mêlée Rocks!!!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Mêlée Rocks!!!

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War Won

FREE [05 Oct 2010|12:46am]

Melee have the free single of the week this week on iTunes. You can also download their album for only $6.99.


You can also follow Melee on iTunes Ping!

War Won

Melee shirt for auction! [18 Jun 2008|11:49am]

I have a Melee tshirt up for auction at my ebay store! It no longer fits me, that's the only reason I'm selling it. It's listed at $0.99, so go look now! You can see it at my store. It's ending soon, so bid now!

1 War Won

[14 Mar 2008|03:53pm]
hi guys!
i recently had an interview with guys from Melee for the dutch site jimmyalter.nl
It was an interview in bed, and quite fun :-)!

Check it out here;


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Melee Clothing [29 Jan 2008|11:34am]

[ mood | calm ]

Does anyone know if this was actually from their tour? 'Cause it looks cute.
It's a girl's wife-beater shirt.

11 War Won

glasshouse (pomona, ca) [22 Jan 2008|09:01pm]

Here are some videos from last sundays showCollapse )

The show was love. Except for the guy in front of me who kept turning around during the show (wth man, the stage is in front of you!) and whoever was near me that kept on farting *gag*

War Won

+7 Melee icons [15 Sep 2007|03:44pm]

[12]-[18] | Melee


Comment and credit if taking any. No hotlinking. Enjoy!
( More under fake-cut )

It's a friends only community so join here to view icons.

2 War Won

[01 Sep 2007|07:29pm]

I don't know if you guys saw the bulletin earlier but chris is singing the national anthem on nascar tonight.
Me and my friends are gonna be out of the house so we won't be able to watch it.
Would anyone be able to record it and post it on youtube?
We've been trying to ask so many people to record it for us, but no one else is home or they don't have a vcr. So even if someone recorded it on their digital camera that would be awesome.

4 War Won

copied from their myspace bulletin... [30 Aug 2007|06:43pm]

Hey guys!


We have posted TWO new bonus tracks on iTunes! The songs are called "New Heart" and "Sick," and you can't find them anywhere else!

Get them exclusively on iTunes at the following link:

Melee - New Heart / Sick - Single

Hope you enjoy them!!

Peace, love,

War Won

[25 Aug 2007|09:12pm]

does anyone in the kutztown/allentown/reading area want to roadtrip to see a melee show some random weekend? i won't see them this tour, and i'm always looking for new friends! :D

5 War Won

natalie dee is a closet melee fan [19 Jul 2007|01:28pm]

i don't really get it? but this reminded me of chris, and anything that makes me think of melee is a good thing.

5 War Won

[17 Jul 2007|04:26pm]

Can anyone who has seen Melee open on the Bowling for Soup tour give me the set-list or at least a general idea of it? It would be greatly appreciated.

4 War Won

Better late than never! [11 Jul 2007|04:16pm]

Melee at the House of Blues, Myrtle Beach
July 2, 2007

Click the picture and it will open up it's set!

It was such a fun night.

14 War Won

Melee in Detroit [27 Jun 2007|11:22pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Ahhhh it was SUCH an awesome show! Even better than last time in Ann Arbor!

I danced like a teenage maniac.

During one of the songs, I was singing along with the lyrics as they are on the CD, and Chris sang it differently and he heard me, so I pointed at him and he pointed back and laughed! That like made my night. If only he were single.... and living in Michigan. *sigh*

Then afterwards, we got to chat with Chris and Ryan. Ryan's such a down-to-earth guy. We were talking to him for at least 15 minutes with all kinds of things, like how they were almost late because of construction traffic in Chicago AND how they got to hang out with Chris Daughtry and Muse--can you say MAJOR JEALOUSY?!

And when I told Chris that my friend Jenny is a maniac, he was like "Oh yeah, we wrote the song about you!" Then he signed her ticket with "You're THE maniac!--Love Chris."

It was a really fun night. I love these guys.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And now it's time to cleanse my body of sweat.

5 War Won

Get Happy Tour [27 Jun 2007|11:57am]

I went to the first official night (as Jarrett Reddick stated), with all the bands there, of the Bowling For Soup: Get Happy Tour. It was June 24th at the Rock in Papillion, Nebraska.. It was amazing.

I had never actually heard of Melee before, but they have a new huge fan! They sound exactly the same onstage as they do on their record :D. Anywho.. I'll post some pictures for you.

Here's one, and the rest under the cut.

For more pictures and comments from the concert, you can check out this post at my journal.

8 War Won

[23 Jun 2007|07:30pm]

does anyone know who mitch ryder is?

"i should've listened to the first time
mitch ryder warned me
about the psycho with the blue dress on"
-biggest mistake.

just wondering. thanks!

War Won

[20 Jun 2007|11:54pm]

I interviewed Mêlée at the Bamboozle, and it's finally up on Down The Road webzine. Check it out and let me know what you think!

1 War Won

20 Melee icons [16 Jun 2007|04:57pm]

[20] Mêlée
[16] Boys Like Girls

1. 8.

(everyday is a lifetime, it's a lifetime under the sun)

9 War Won

[13 Jun 2007|10:00pm]

I'm hoping to photograph Melee's set for the July 2nd show in Myrtle Beach.
And I was wondering if there's any tour manager or publicist I can contact this about? I need a photo pass for this. I've looked around the website and myspace but couldn't find email addresses for these people.

Thank you so much in advance.

22 War Won

[06 Jun 2007|11:33pm]

[ mood | creative ]

does anyone have any good pictures of mike playing the drums?  i'm making a scrapbook layout of the guys / my being a fan / etc and he's the only one i dont have pictures of while playing.  anything would help!


War Won

videos [27 May 2007|11:27pm]

Yeah so I have some videos from Salt Lake City that I thought I would share. I don't think I've ever shared mine from when they played with TEN so this is the link to my youtube.

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